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Tips for drawing comics for beginners

comicAre you starting out to draw comics? Are you holding back because you do not where to begin from? Not sure of the right tools, format and all the work involved in creating a comic? Here are some tips on how to draw great comics. However, these are not universal; they are just what works for us. You can twist them to fit into your personal style of comic drawing.

The idea

You have to have a kind of reason on why you want to make a comic. Whatever reason you choose make it good, but avoid copying other peoples work. Just don’t look at a comic and want to create a similar character, style of art or plot. This will be very obvious especially if it is a popular comic you are trying to make. Just be original with your ideas. Getting inspiration from the comic is fine, but copying it is another thing. I am sure you understand the difference. You can look for ideas of a character from movies, reading books or even music. If you want to create a masterpiece, you should be aware that what you are creating is not new so be as creative as possible.


If you want to make a serious and good comic, it’s good to plan it first. After writing it, you can ask your friends to read it and give you some feedback about the story. Accept all critiques if you want it to be the best it can possibly be. If you are confident about your story, add details such as a dialog. As long as the script makes sense to you, don’t worry about it being all perfect.

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All You Need to Know as a Comic Artist…. in the kitchen

Have you ever asked yourself how life would be without comic or anything to make us laugh? God had a reason for giving some people abilities to create excitement in others. Different people have different talents and skills. There are those who are good in science while others are good in arts. At least, each and every person has something special to do. Do you know what you are good at? The industry of art and comic is one and of its own with all you need to enjoy life. There are people who cannot laugh even when the funniest joke is cracked. Please do not be one! 

Obviously, the world could be so boring without something funny enough to make us lough and break away from the daily tiring routine of life. Play and laughter are the secrets to perpetual youth. If you want many years in this world then let your surrounding be full of art and comics to make you laugh and add years to your life and not life to your years. 

Our kitchens are the engines of our lives. It is recommended that we use a good hardwood floor vacuum. Apart from improving the hygienic standards in the kitchen, we should also think of making the area full of fun and enjoyable to work in. Which funny comics are therefore the best for our kitchens? Here are some of the funny comics in the kitchen:

1.Food cartoons. You can find a comic artist to draw for you the funniest cartoons of food. Such cartoons could be of some food jumping and shouting while being cooked. These are best comic drawings especially for kids. Am sure they will love them and can even try to imitate such things since kids love fun. Try and see!

2.Funny drawings about eating. Kitchens can be made lively and full of fun by making or drawing some cartoons on the wall about things like eating habits for instance eating while standing with the assumption that food with be able to move faster to various parts of the body and reach furthest parts like legs.

3. Our home tools ranging from cooking utensils, sofas, chair and others especially those used for food should also not be left behind. They should also have something to laugh at.

4. Comics about beverages and drinks.Such comics can be about how they make you grow faster because of their liquid nature and such like fun. For lovers of coffee, or those who have keurig brewers then get the best keurig coffee.

5. Drawings to discourage kids from stealing food additives like sugar. You can for instance depict diagrammatically that if a kid steals food their neck grows longer or their hands will get red or anything scaring for them.

Apart from drawings, you can also get access to and acquire books full of comic in any area you would like to have fun and make it exciting.

Generally, the world of comic is too wide and extensive to be reduced into a page of writing. The most important thing to do in order for an artist in this area to remain relevant, is to be as creative as much as possible and beware of the current trends in the area one is best suited.

Impacts of Cartooning on Today’s Society


Comic books have long captured the imaginations of kids, teenagers, and even adults from all over the world. Numerous people have read comics when they were kids, occasionally hiding a school’s comic book in order to read at home or when the lecturer is busy teaching. The frequency of how we enjoy these books usually decrease as we grow into adulthood, but they still have tremendous appeal on almost every adult. Comic has long been thought as a “children thing” but they have now come a long way over the year with many adults enjoy the comics as children does.


Comics address a range of societal issues and it allows people to showcase whatever is happening in the world today. Some comic books or videos act as plot devices, some as social commentary, while others tries to make us think outside the box and see things differently. I remember in the past I used to clean my pool in a weird way, until I saw a comic where the characters were cleaning theirs in a very easy and fun way. That is when I found pool university siteand learnt more on how to clean and take care of my swimming pool.


There has an immense rise in interest of comics in the recent years, primarily as a result of the improvement in entertainment industry and internet. Just like you can buy or find some of the most incredible steam mops reviewson the internet, people can also buy, sell and trade comic items with online market places and websites such as Amazon, eBay, and more. There are also online comic forums that enable people to connect and share their passion for comics and this has been of great help to those who are new to comic cultures.


Comics are now valued and recognized by many as we can all see their influence in almost every sector of our entertainment. From televisions to movies, and from amusement parks to video games, comics now have a great impact on our culture. As a result, comics are no longer censored n the sense of what should be or should not be contained in them.


We cannot ignore the importance of humor and wit ion our daily lives, which is just like breathing air for a prompt relief. We all crave for joy and happiness through all aspects, but comics are the best way to attain that happiness that you have long been craving for. Trivial activities highlighted by characters create moments of joy and delight for the reader and this has been of great help in reducing stressful times in people’s lives.


The world that we live in is a stressful one and we all need to break from monotony once in a while to maintain the balance. Stress is unavoidable but for you to make sure that you are healthy regardless of life challenges you need to find ways to keep stress at bay. There are numerous ways that many adopt to manage stress such as indoor games, watching, exercises, Television shows and more, but laughter has been proven to be a potential antidote to stress. The feeling of laughter generated by funny comics is a great choice for a modern man in the modern society.


The immense popularity of funny comics is as a result of their simple style of presentation which is appreciated by every member of the society irrespective of age. People can very easily get the hidden meaning of artwork and the attached text, and this offers a special message to the society.


My All Time Favorite Comic Characters

supermanComic books revolutionized fiction and storytelling. Comic books have being vital in sharing the world in recent times. Some have political statements hidden in them, while others have changed the way the youth perceive things. With this list of my favorite comic characters, it would be unfair to fail to acknowledge the impact this characters have had in the recent generation and the future generation.
Just as I love wearing nice full coverage foundation and getting the best shampoo for repairing my damaged hair, I also love collecting comic books. Learn more about the best shampoo for repairing damaged hair here. There are some characters I just love! Here is a list of my favorite comic characters and I am sure you will agree with me that you all love them!
Ooh… who doesn’t love superman! The list had to start with the most loved comic character Superman! This was the first comic book character who made it larger than life. Superman had superhuman abilities that allowed him to fly and he became the liberator of the world. The other superheroes have followed suit albeit in variations. His character is shown on the shield with a letter ‘S’ on a yellow backdrop.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman was the first female superhero who brought love, equality and peace in a world that was full of hatred. She had super speed, stamina, strength, flight and speed. Wonder woman was able to communicate with animals, use Lasso of Truth to bring out the truth and even use powers that were given to her by bracelets, tiaras and airplanes that were invisible and indestructible. This made superwoman one of the favorite comics for readers and viewers.

Spider Man
A spider bite gives Peter Parker, a normal human being, superpowers. With the superpowers that he gets, he gains superhuman strength and he is able to perform extraordinary reflexes. He has scientific knowledge that lets him design web slingers and bracelets that allow him to swing from rooftops to rooftops fighting his enemies. He is able to sense danger making him the city savior. In each comic edition, spiderman is reborn with extraordinary powers that enable him to see in the dark, sharper senses and ability to feel vibrations using his webs.

x-men is a single comic book that has a team of superheroes, the X-men. This team of superheroes has the X-Gene that makes them have extra powers than the ordinary human being. Professor Xavier who is a high level telepath recruits and recruits other mutants in this superhero haven. He first recruits Angel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl and Cyclops to form an X-men team. The team was further extended over the years with Wolverine, Shadow cat, Rogue, Night crawler and Storm. Their superhero powers made them fight the evil in action packed ways and they become my favorite comics.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes, is a comic strip by Bill Watterson and it has a wide base of fans all over the world. The characters, Calvin who is a six year old and Hobbes, an imaginary friend, express some life lessons through the use of sarcastic and sardonic dialogs. The eye popping colors and graphics used have made this comic books a must have among the large number of comic lovers all over the globe.
So these are some of my favorite comic characters. There are so many other great comics, but we couldn’t mention them all here. What are yours? Let us meet in the comments…

comic sneakers

Gift Ideas For Comic Lovers

comic sneakersThe comic world is at times beyond our understanding. It’s usually a world where the human beings endurance can be stretched to limits that are beyond our imagination without seeming like a big deal. When someone loves their comic books, then they possibly love all things that are superhuman and simply impossible. Finding the perfect gift for such a person may be really hard with all their fantasies. But it’s never that difficult to please such people. Here are some options of gifts that you can give such people on their special day.
Give them a first edition comic book
Although this may be difficult, looking for the first edition of their favorite comic book to give them as a present is a great idea. However, you have to be absolutely sure they do not already have it. Get them one that is in great condition although this may be really expensive, depending on the comic book itself. If you cannot get one in perfect condition, near perfect then is your better option.
Comic book merchandise
Get him a pair of bed sheet and pillows that have his favorite comic printed on them. You can also give him a wall clock that has the logo of his comic. What you should bear in mind is that getting merchandise that has comic logos is not very easy. But if you carry out the research, you will be able to find great deals.
Shot glasses with their favorite superheroes
Take a regular glass and ask someone who is great at drawing to draw a logo of their favorite comic. If you have a friend who loves sipping really expensive vodka occasionally, this is a perfect gift idea for them. Get a glass that can also be used for drinking both vodka and different types of rum so that they can use it often. There is no better way to drown some alcohol then in a glass that has the image of your favorite comic.
Flash drive that is comic inspired
Simple and funky! Get them a flash drive that has a picture of their all time comic. All you need to do is get a flash drive from the shop and then get a picture of their best comic printed on a sticky piece of paper, cut it out carefully and stick it on the flash drive. Still, you can get a comic character flash drive in different shapes, colors and sizes from the shop although they are a little pricey.
Comic sneakers
This is also a great gift to a person who is mad about comics. You just need a pair of white sneakers, fabric paint, reference image and lots of time and patience. If you are great at drawing using fabric paint, you can create an image of their best superhero yourself or get someone who is able to do it perfectly well.
Make sure you get genuine comic books or products since they are often highly priced. This is because a true comic fan will be able to immediately know a fake which may be embarrassing and also you will not have got your money’s worth.


comic drawingMany people including kids are fans of cartoon shows and books, but it never occurred to them that they too can make beautiful cartoons. This may be quite natural since there are numerous things that you can do for your child these days. Even though apart from watching cartoon shows people spend time talking with friends, chatting online, or even playing soccer, many of them never lack time to devote to cartoons, it is obvious that taking cartooning as a hobby can be of great benefit to both adults and children because it can turn out to be your future profession which you will earn thousands of dollars from.

In this article, I intend to trigger the thought viewing cartooning skill from a different perspective. The truth is cartooning hobby can outdo every other hobby because of numerous benefits that come with it. Comparing comic drawing hobby with other hobbies is like comparing knowledge on different types of beer or liquor brands between someone who has subscribed to scotch club or club for beer of the month (here are some of my top choice), with someone who has not subscribed. It is obvious that they cannot match because the one who has subscribed has an added advantage over the other one. The same goes with comic drawing. It is not only a hobby but can also be your be a bridge to an excellent and well paying career. Below are the benefits of comic drawing.

Satisfying pass-time hobby
This is a great hobby that can get you started very easily. All you will need to is a paper, pencil, and a rubber and you will be good to go. As you continue with the hobby you can start making your work more pleasing by adding some colors and enjoy the activity. You may think that it is a hobby only meant for kids, but you are wrong. It can take you to greater heights even as an adult. If I may pose a question, when you go to purchase small sized dogs, do you ever think they are incapable of meeting your needs because of their size? I am sure the answer is No. Therefore, do not view comic drawing as kids only thing. Many adults are making lots of money through it.

Not physically demanding
Another good thing about this career is that it is not physically demanding. This means that you do not have to use much of your effort as long as you can write and draw. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time on this and so you can pursue it without affecting your studies or a job.

Improved hand-eye co-ordination
As you draw cartoons, you will acquire hand eye coordination and will greatly help you in your studies. This skill will help you later in life regardless of the career path that you will choose to take.

If all these sound great, to you, then you need to get started with comic drawing. You can get a comic drawing book and follow instructions. If you do not feel like buying a book, there are numerous online resources available for free, just for you.

Learn the basics and start making good use of your imaginations to come up with unique comics. Let your imaginations go wild and you will soon be the most sought after cartoon artist. Nothing is impossible.

The secret behind the success of funny comic strips

comic drawingSuccessful funny comics strips usually contain three basic features namely; profound sense of humor, imaginative quality of the creator, and the ability to draw comic characters telling an understandable and funny story. There is need for you to practice this art of creating comics to be able to earn a successful position in the popularity scale. If you are able to use the right story telling technique, then you are one step ahead of others when it comes to gaining popularity.

You need to judge the entire effort from the reader’s angle to be able to make your funny comics really humorous. A wise thing would be to incorporate designs that are vogue in the current times and that has top positions when it comes to popularity scales. Humor that you express through comics needs to be acceptable to readers and also needs to have additional knowledge for visitors in case you will publish it on the web. I remember one day when I was surfing the web looking for a good leave in conditioner for my curly hair (found one here!). I came across this comic that drew my attention and even though the comic was trying to tell me more about the best hair product, I found it funny and I got interested in that particular product.

You need to create a powerful spirit fundamentally in bringing out humor in your comic strip to be successful in making people laugh as you convey your message. You have to think of the fact that stories that makes people laugh but may not have the same effect on everyone else. For this reason, you need to concentrate more on the target audience as you come up with your comic. Remember that what makes kids laugh may not have any effect on adults and what seems funny to adults may sound meaningless on kids. For example, you may think that telling a funny story with the use of a certain type of pit-bull is funny, but with time people will get so much used to that. You may decide to use various pit-bull types to make your comics more fun. Here is a good page talking about pitbulls.

Another thing that you need to note is that repeated use of jokes or topics that have been used so much on the web or any other media platforms will do you no good. For this reason, you need to avoid repeating your jokes and come up with unique materials to be able to make a unique identity to the readers. It is the humorous illustrations, the uniqueness of your topics, and style of delivery that comes together to produce excellent and funny comic strips. You need to show something outstanding for you to be successful in creating a lasting feeling in the minds of your audience. I know you will agree with me that majority of comic professionals are remembered for their high quality sketches or humorous display of characters, choice of words, and admirable dialogues.

In conclusion, the element of humor is a crucial component in achieving success in this field. You must be imaginative and at the same time be keen on the element of humor which is a crucial factor for fast acceptance of your comic work. Humorous dialogue or a funny remark can be enough to bring laughs in the audience since it has the element of surprise which is recognized as the work of originality.

Choosing a Piece of Comic Book Art for Your Kid

comic book artChoosing to purchase a piece of comic book art for your child is muck like buying a comic book to read. There are numerous options out there that make it hard to choose the best. Another thing is that comic art costs more than a single comic issue and so you need to be keen on where you put your money into. Here are things that you need to consider for you to be able to purchase the best piece:

Start with the character
Your child has a favorite comic character, keeping that character in mind can be half battle right there. This is because with an idea of the character that you want to get a piece can give you direction. You need to find plenty of items for every character in different formats. Maybe your child is a pet lover and you already bought him a dog that is medium sized that he adores a lot. After buying him a dog (i picked a pitbull), you did not stop there, it is obvious you went ahead and bought the best food for the pitbull. However, you may be surprised to find that your child is much more excited with his/her favorite comic art that he was with the dog.

Find an artist
Every artist has a distinct style that he can call his own. If you have a favorite comic character in mind, then you probably have an artist in mind and you might even not know it. Just check and find the artist that draws your favorite character. When looking for art, start your search with an artist name and see what pops up.

Settle on format
You need to be sure of what you plan to do with the art. If you need a small sketch or a card, then storing it will be easy. However, if it is a large piece such as a print or comic page, then you need to frame it. This can add on significant amount to the piece but it is totally worth it. A good frame can turn a piece of art that could fit into your office to an awesome display piece of art that is worth to be displayed in your living room.

Go to a Convention
Comic book convention is one place that you can find a sweet piece of art. Here, you can find limited edition prints, pages, sketches, and any other kind of art. Some can even do commission sketches on the spot and they can also take orders for something a little bit complicated over the weekend. You are never sure of what you can find and so you need to keep your eyes open.

Even if comic book arts are a little bit expensive, this doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune on them. You should never base an art’s quality on price since some artist may overcharge you for a simple sketch. You need to compare your prices to be able to choose the most attractive yet affordable.

If you do not have access to comic convention, there are auction sites where you can search for comic art. Once you get started in purchasing a unique piece of art, you will find that it is not only your child that will enjoy having the piece of art in the house but your wife and other members of the family as well. With the above tips, you will have a comic book art that you have always desired.

Is Comic Drawing the Best Hobby for Kids?

comic for kidsCartoons are everywhere in the current world. You can find them in text books, cinemas, newspapers, various television programs and more. With every passing day, popularity of certain cartoon characters is growing by leaps and bounds. Kids’ love them are currently getting influenced by this wave and many of them spend their leisure time with cartoons. Some kids are even trying to draw one, even if they do not have the required skills to do so, but as a result of their love for comic you may find your child sketching a certain cartoon character.


Majority of parents are troubled by the thought of their kids spending huge amount of time with cartoons, but what they don’t know is that there are many benefits that kids can reap from that. On its own right, cartoon drawing is a popular hobby nowadays and if the right guidance is offered to these kids, a hobby of cartooning can be quite profitable. Maybe you would wish for your child to have truck driving as a hobby, but you need to understand that it will be hard to do away with comic. However, it would still be a good idea for a kid to be a truck driver since there are some trucks driving companies with ideal work schedule that may allow your child time to make use of his comic drawing hobby.


To begin with, cartooning hobby is probably the least expensive to start since your child can begin with zero investment. This is because the essential equipments are pad of papers or a note book, a moderately good quality eraser, and a couple of pencils of different grades which your kid already has at home. Of course there maybe additional things required but those ones can be bought later, once your child starts enjoying and getting used to the hobby. In fact, you cannot compare comic with pharmacy. This is because being a pharmacist calls for dedication, hard work, and takes time to learn. Even though it is an exceptional career offering good pays and benefits, you should let your kid decide, and if she decides to choose pharmacist, this is a career that offer flexible time and your kid can have both as hobbies.


Another thing that makes comic drawing popular is the fact that it is not physically demanding like many other careers. This means that no bodily improvement will be needed on kids and so you do not have to worry about that. This is a hobby that is also ideal for kids with weaker physique and to the restless kids, this hobby can be quite helpful since they can learn how to be tranquil and to concentrate, which can be useful on other areas of life.


Comic drawing helps in enhancing hand-eye-coordination. This hobby challenges your kid to think creatively to be able to come up with new ideas that boosts their original imagining power, and looking at things with different perspective.


The most interesting part about this hobby is that it can be a very interesting career. With the demand for fresh and original cartooning reaching the sky, demand for new cartoon makers is always high. There are numerous comic book publishers and cartoon show producing houses that are ready to hire new cartoon artists.


Evidently, there are so many good things that can happen if your child takes up comic drawing as a hobby and works on to improve his skills. Practically, there is no entry barrier into this industry. Therefore, if cartooning fascinates your child, let him go for it!

comic storage

Collecting And Taking Care For Comics

comic storageComic books make a huge part of popular culture since it’s a combination of art and writing. Unlike the popular believe that comics are for children, comic books are great for everyone. They allow the reader to examine the characters minds through the dialogue boxes, inviting the reader into the imaginable world of the writer.

Comic books make very good collectible items. Collecting comic books is an enjoyable hobby and if done in the right way, it can be a very lucrative hobby. A comic book that is well taken care of appreciates in value over years. The trick is to always choose a title that has a very high growth rate.

The basic step in being a comic book collector is buying them. I always get my comics from a local comic store that has been in my neighborhood for years. I am a construction worker and even when I am away from home working, I get my comics reserved in my local comic store. Sometimes i ask my friend who is a bartender to pick for me some comics when i am away. Most comic stores have saver subscriptions that let you have the comics that you prefer set aside for you. Therefore, it is important that you look for a particular store and always get your comics from the specific store to get into a subscription program. Most comics are either Marvel comics, DC comics or Image comics. The minor ones are usually under independent titles. It’s always great to try and get the latest release of the comic you are looking for. Always buy those comics that interest you because this is just a hobby.

For a comic to appreciate in value over years, it should be in excellent condition. Comics call for special care if you want them to stay for years. To keep them in the best conditions, carefully flip the pages as you read. Avoid dog ears and folding the pages as this will easily spoil the comic book. After you have finished reading your comic, place it in a Mylar sleeve. A Mylar sleeve is a clear envelope that has a pressed stiff cardboard backing. The sleeve will help in preventing moisture from making the comic damp while the board will make sure that the comic does not fold or crumple. Mylar sleeve will keep your comic safe for up to a hundred years.
Slide your comic into the sleeve against the side that is treated and the comic cover facing the front. If you want to store your comics for over five years, ensure you use a high quality acid free backing board and paper or a blow-dryer to melt up the flap seam. After this, the comic should be kept in a short or long comic box with the comics standing upright, leaning on other comics or separate each with a cardboard piece. The storage box should be of the right fit. To make your work easier, when searching for a particular comic book, place your comics in an organized manner according to date of release, title and issue number.

How to draw comics as a professional

comics drawingIf you have been to amusement parks or street fair lately, then you may have seen numerous artists in action. Many people stop by to get their comic portrait drawn in a comic style, usually in large heads and smaller bodies while doing something funny. If you would like to learn how to draw comics, then you are in the right place. So are you ready? Let’s do this. This article will help you come up with professionally drawn comics in 3 simple steps:

1. Plan your comics before you draw
a. Number of characters
You need to decide on how many characters will be used in the comic. Before putting your pencil on a paper, you should have an idea of the number.

b. Develop a plot outline
You need to understand how you want the basic action to flow as soon as you begin plotting your frames. A frame is a single square in a comic page.

c. Start plotting your comic
Plotting involves sketching rough frames on each page and placing quick and rough sketches of the characters in them.

d. Create model sheets for characters
A model sheet needs to include a character’s drawing from two angles and contain of as much details as possible. This is because you will refer to this later as you get down to serous business to be able to maintain continuity of your comic.

2. Draw your comic
Start by using a ruler to draw in frames on the paper. As you draw, you can refer back to your rough plotting sketches to ensure that your drawing has the correct frame size and positions.
Draw careful sketches of your characters into the frames. You can use the sketches at first so that you can make adjustments later if you need to do so.
Grab your characters model sheets so that you can begin filling in costumes and faces. You need every character to have the exact costume and features throughout your comic. Therefore, you should refer to your sheet model more often.

You can now review your work so far since this is the best stage to solve any problem such costume inaccuracies or awkward positioning of the characters.

3. Add the finishing touches
Erase any model lines accidental marks on your comic

Darken the outlines of the comic characters to make sure they stand out more clearly against the background.

Darken frame lines so that the reader can easily know where the frame ends
Review your work one last time for continuity and detail.

Crucial Tips
Use a less expensive paper when you are plotting your comics. This is because the drawing will mainly serve as references.

You should use the first frame of your comic to establish a setting. For example, this can be done by drawing a school entrance picture or a dark forest.

When plotting your comic, make sure you leave a room for conversation bubbles.

This may seem like a lot of work but that is not the case. Even though it will take a little bit of your time, the fulfillment you will get after coming up with a meaningful and stunning comic will overshadow the time you spent on it. The best thing about comic is that you can do it as a part time job.

Some of the jobs that you can do while drawing comic are warehouse jobs or cashier. To get these jobs, you obviously need to have a competitive resume.  To get tips on how to come up with a good warehouse resume, you can find help here.

If you are just looking for a temp job, you can consider being a cashier, you can easily learn how to write a good resume here. But if you want to make comic drawing your job, just follow the above tips and you will be a comic guru!


comic artist

The Life Of A Comic Artist- It Is Not All Easy As Most People Think

comic artistIt is not easy being a comic artist. It’s even much harder trying to earn a living as one. There are so many people out there who do not appreciate comic and only think they are meant for kids and they do not have much value in the market. After working as a medical assistant for several years, I decided that was not the thing for me. My heart was never there and so I decided to do what I have always wanted to do and that is comic. Although getting a job as a medical assistant was never easy, I could no longer keep holding onto a job that I did not have any interest in. I had given samples of my medical assistant resume to very many institutions before I landed on my first job but that is now history. I am focused on making it as an artist and I sure will.

That being said, I always try to do my best when I set myself to create a comic. Any comic creator can surely tell you that when presented with pencil and paper or anything that you use to draw with, you have being given the right weapons. These are weapons against the ‘norm’ or a boring world. As a comic creator, I am my worst critique. When I see other peoples work, I downgrade my own work and always want to be better than them. I want to create masterpieces because some other artists are more educated or have more will power than me. Honestly, I want to be more successful than all of them. The life of  a comic artist- it is not all that easy as most people think but I want my work to outshine all of them.

How will you get there? You may ask. I am taking baby steps right now for I lack wings to soar up in the sky. But this is just temporarily. I know my wings will soon be on their way and I will be one of the greatest comic creators.

What keeps me sane as a comic artist are my friends. Sometimes, I get so engrossed in my comics that I am almost going nuts especially when something does not come out as it should. This are the times friends come in handy. My best friend is a nanny and I always pick up my phone and vent out all my frustrations to her. Where it not for her, I would not be the artist I am today. We actually lived with her for sometime as she was looking for a job as a nanny. She took copies of her nanny resume to different offices before she finally got her recent job.

Being a comic artist no mean feat. Many people think this work is meant for people who haven’t been in school, but while there are artists who have perfected the skill without going to art schools, there are those who have gone to great art schools. Whatever the case, I do art for the love of it. And I am happy doing it that way. It is always great creating comics.

Marvel Comics

What Is The Value Of My Comic Book? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Marvel ComicsThis is a big question among those people who are new to comic creation and would like to attach some monetary value to their works. The value of a given comic will depend on so many things. These factors are not constant and they keep changing. Here are some of the things you need to know.


The more popular a comic is the higher the number of people willing to see it. For instance, superman comics are more collectible in terms of investment collecting. People love superheroes; that is why it is such a popular comic.

A comic is worth the amount a buyer is willingly to pay for it

This is one of the most frustrating answers given that some people are so mean and would like to buy something at ridiculously low prices. But unfortunately, it is one of the best answers. Be careful though that you do no undervalue your work and sell at very low prices.


Comic books are produced with materials that easily wear out over time due to handling and exposure. A comic with a lot of defects is less desirable. Although it is almost impossible to have a perfect comic book in excellent condition, comic books that are in good condition generally fetch more in the market. Most comics are moderately worn so comics in very bad shape are actually rare to find.

Scarcity and demand

This is a common thing in all kinds of economies. When something is scarce, there are more people who are competing to have it and they would be more willing to pay much more for it. This concept is the logic behind the myth that comics that are old are much more valuable. This may hold some truth in it, because old comics were usually considered as disposable and people did not collect them so they are quite rare making them expensive.

Third party

Determining the value of your comic may be difficult. You can submit you comic to a comic book grading company. These are companies that have tasked themselves with the responsibility of valuing comic books but you have to pay them so as to have your comic book valued. Some people will do this out of curiosity while others will see it as something that is not worth their efforts. However, if you really want to sell your comic book, you can check out how other sellers are selling their comic books on eBay.
You can also take your comics to your local comic dealer to help you in valuing them. In most instances, they will grade your comics at no charges but you should take their opinions with caution. Some may suggest that your comic is in very bad shape so that they can buy it from you at very cheap prices. Not all of them will do that, but it’s wise not to make any decisions based on their opinions only to play safe.
With all the above methods, the best way to determine the value of your comic is how much you like it. Attaching monetary value to comics is not a very interesting aspect of creating comics, but it makes the whole hobby much fun. Reading, creating and talking about comics are also other rewarding aspects of being a comic.