Impacts of Cartooning on Today’s Society


Comic books have long captured the imaginations of kids, teenagers, and even adults from all over the world. Numerous people have read comics when they were kids, occasionally hiding a school’s comic book in order to read at home or when the lecturer is busy teaching. The frequency of how we enjoy these books usually decrease as we grow into adulthood, but they still have tremendous appeal on almost every adult. Comic has long been thought as a “children thing” but they have now come a long way over the year with many adults enjoy the comics as children does.


Comics address a range of societal issues and it allows people to showcase whatever is happening in the world today. Some comic books or videos act as plot devices, some as social commentary, while others tries to make us think outside the box and see things differently. I remember in the past I used to clean my pool in a weird way, until I saw a comic where the characters were cleaning theirs in a very easy and fun way. That is when I found pool university siteand learnt more on how to clean and take care of my swimming pool.


There has an immense rise in interest of comics in the recent years, primarily as a result of the improvement in entertainment industry and internet. Just like you can buy or find some of the most incredible steam mops reviewson the internet, people can also buy, sell and trade comic items with online market places and websites such as Amazon, eBay, and more. There are also online comic forums that enable people to connect and share their passion for comics and this has been of great help to those who are new to comic cultures.


Comics are now valued and recognized by many as we can all see their influence in almost every sector of our entertainment. From televisions to movies, and from amusement parks to video games, comics now have a great impact on our culture. As a result, comics are no longer censored n the sense of what should be or should not be contained in them.


We cannot ignore the importance of humor and wit ion our daily lives, which is just like breathing air for a prompt relief. We all crave for joy and happiness through all aspects, but comics are the best way to attain that happiness that you have long been craving for. Trivial activities highlighted by characters create moments of joy and delight for the reader and this has been of great help in reducing stressful times in people’s lives.


The world that we live in is a stressful one and we all need to break from monotony once in a while to maintain the balance. Stress is unavoidable but for you to make sure that you are healthy regardless of life challenges you need to find ways to keep stress at bay. There are numerous ways that many adopt to manage stress such as indoor games, watching, exercises, Television shows and more, but laughter has been proven to be a potential antidote to stress. The feeling of laughter generated by funny comics is a great choice for a modern man in the modern society.


The immense popularity of funny comics is as a result of their simple style of presentation which is appreciated by every member of the society irrespective of age. People can very easily get the hidden meaning of artwork and the attached text, and this offers a special message to the society.