Sites Where You Can Create and Share Your Comic Strips Free Of Charge

Sites Where You Can Create and Share Your Comic Strips Free Of Charge

Have you ever seen your friends share pictures on Facebook that look like comic strips? If yes, then you probably have wondered how they created those comic strips and even wanted to create your own. I’m going to share with you some sites that you can use to create such comic strips free of charge and have fun while at it.
Here is a list of some of these sites that I’m sure you will be interested in to learn how to create your own comics.

Write Comics

This is a simple to use site and there’s no registration required. However, one cannot create their own characters. Write comics has its own characters and backgrounds to select from. The only thing you can do is to add dialogues. When you are done creating your character, you are able to get your link where you can share it with your friends and family. Still, you can save your work or print it directly from your computer.


With Toonlet, you will first have to create an account with them before you can get started. If you are new to the site, there are tutorials to guide you and there is also an option if you want to first take a look at the site to know more about it. There is a simple “make a comic” feature. There are different packages where you can choose from. These packages are created by various artists. One can create their own character; change the eyes, nose, hair and eyebrows. It’s also possible to rotate, flip, scale and move your drawing. You can add hats or eyeglasses to your characters as well. The site is user friendly.


Pixton is easy to navigate. If you have friends who love comics, you can collaborate and create comics if you are working on a group project. It’s easy to edit your comics. One is able to move their characters and there are so many types of expressions to choose from for your characters. You can also upload your own images and create your words the way you would like them to look like. Still, the site contains different templates to help you start on the right foot if you are new to comics. And when you feel you have created the perfect comic strips, share them with your friends to make them laugh.


ToonDoo is a comic site that children would love to be doing. The site is really educational not only for children but for adults as well. This site was initially created for people who wanted to express themselves in a new way but lacked drawing skills. One can enjoy creating comic strips by simply clicking, dragging and dropping. They also hold contests in which the winner is usually featured in the ToonDoo Hall of Fame where everyone using the site can see your work.


Bitstrips is one of the popular sites on Facebook because it has an exciting way to communicate, socialize and express your feelings to your friends. This is probably one of the comic sites that went viral on social media because of its ease of use. One can send greeting cards to their friends using Bitstrips. It’s easy to share the comics you have created via social media platforms such as twitter, tumblr and Facebook and you can as well send them through email or SMS.

The above sites will help you create comics even if you have the poorest drawing skills. So go ahead, try any of the above sites I have shared with you to create a comic. Be sure to follow the site rules as well so that you do not get banned.