The Life Of A Comic Artist- It Is Not All Easy As Most People Think

The Life Of A Comic Artist- It Is Not All Easy As Most People Think

comic artistIt is not easy being a comic artist. It’s even much harder trying to earn a living as one. There are so many people out there who do not appreciate comic and only think they are meant for kids and they do not have much value in the market. After working as a medical assistant for several years, I decided that was not the thing for me. My heart was never there and so I decided to do what I have always wanted to do and that is comic. Although getting a job as a medical assistant was never easy, I could no longer keep holding onto a job that I did not have any interest in. I had given samples of my medical assistant resume to very many institutions before I landed on my first job but that is now history. I am focused on making it as an artist and I sure will.

That being said, I always try to do my best when I set myself to create a comic. Any comic creator can surely tell you that when presented with pencil and paper or anything that you use to draw with, you have being given the right weapons. These are weapons against the ‘norm’ or a boring world. As a comic creator, I am my worst critique. When I see other peoples work, I downgrade my own work and always want to be better than them. I want to create masterpieces because some other artists are more educated or have more will power than me. Honestly, I want to be more successful than all of them. The life of  a comic artist- it is not all that easy as most people think but I want my work to outshine all of them.

How will you get there? You may ask. I am taking baby steps right now for I lack wings to soar up in the sky. But this is just temporarily. I know my wings will soon be on their way and I will be one of the greatest comic creators.

What keeps me sane as a comic artist are my friends. Sometimes, I get so engrossed in my comics that I am almost going nuts especially when something does not come out as it should. This are the times friends come in handy. My best friend is a nanny and I always pick up my phone and vent out all my frustrations to her. Where it not for her, I would not be the artist I am today. We actually lived with her for sometime as she was looking for a job as a nanny. She took copies of her nanny resume to different offices before she finally got her recent job.

Being a comic artist no mean feat. Many people think this work is meant for people who haven’t been in school, but while there are artists who have perfected the skill without going to art schools, there are those who have gone to great art schools. Whatever the case, I do art for the love of it. And I am happy doing it that way. It is always great creating comics.