The secret behind the success of funny comic strips

comic drawingSuccessful funny comics strips usually contain three basic features namely; profound sense of humor, imaginative quality of the creator, and the ability to draw comic characters telling an understandable and funny story. There is need for you to practice this art of creating comics to be able to earn a successful position in the popularity scale. If you are able to use the right story telling technique, then you are one step ahead of others when it comes to gaining popularity.

You need to judge the entire effort from the reader’s angle to be able to make your funny comics really humorous. A wise thing would be to incorporate designs that are vogue in the current times and that has top positions when it comes to popularity scales. Humor that you express through comics needs to be acceptable to readers and also needs to have additional knowledge for visitors in case you will publish it on the web. I remember one day when I was surfing the web looking for a good leave in conditioner for my curly hair (found one here!). I came across this comic that drew my attention and even though the comic was trying to tell me more about the best hair product, I found it funny and I got interested in that particular product.

You need to create a powerful spirit fundamentally in bringing out humor in your comic strip to be successful in making people laugh as you convey your message. You have to think of the fact that stories that makes people laugh but may not have the same effect on everyone else. For this reason, you need to concentrate more on the target audience as you come up with your comic. Remember that what makes kids laugh may not have any effect on adults and what seems funny to adults may sound meaningless on kids. For example, you may think that telling a funny story with the use of a certain type of pit-bull is funny, but with time people will get so much used to that. You may decide to use various pit-bull types to make your comics more fun. Here is a good page talking about pitbulls.

Another thing that you need to note is that repeated use of jokes or topics that have been used so much on the web or any other media platforms will do you no good. For this reason, you need to avoid repeating your jokes and come up with unique materials to be able to make a unique identity to the readers. It is the humorous illustrations, the uniqueness of your topics, and style of delivery that comes together to produce excellent and funny comic strips. You need to show something outstanding for you to be successful in creating a lasting feeling in the minds of your audience. I know you will agree with me that majority of comic professionals are remembered for their high quality sketches or humorous display of characters, choice of words, and admirable dialogues.

In conclusion, the element of humor is a crucial component in achieving success in this field. You must be imaginative and at the same time be keen on the element of humor which is a crucial factor for fast acceptance of your comic work. Humorous dialogue or a funny remark can be enough to bring laughs in the audience since it has the element of surprise which is recognized as the work of originality.