Tips for drawing comics for beginners

Tips for drawing comics for beginners

comicAre you starting out to draw comics? Are you holding back because you do not where to begin from? Not sure of the right tools, format and all the work involved in creating a comic? Here are some tips on how to draw great comics. However, these are not universal; they are just what works for us. You can twist them to fit into your personal style of comic drawing.

The idea

You have to have a kind of reason on why you want to make a comic. Whatever reason you choose make it good, but avoid copying other peoples work. Just don’t look at a comic and want to create a similar character, style of art or plot. This will be very obvious especially if it is a popular comic you are trying to make. Just be original with your ideas. Getting inspiration from the comic is fine, but copying it is another thing. I am sure you understand the difference. You can look for ideas of a character from movies, reading books or even music. If you want to create a masterpiece, you should be aware that what you are creating is not new so be as creative as possible.


If you want to make a serious and good comic, it’s good to plan it first. After writing it, you can ask your friends to read it and give you some feedback about the story. Accept all critiques if you want it to be the best it can possibly be. If you are confident about your story, add details such as a dialog. As long as the script makes sense to you, don’t worry about it being all perfect.


The style of art you choose to present your comic in is very crucial. If you want to create a simple light story, a simple style of art might be the best option for you. If you want to create a more serious story, it is important to make your comic based on more realistic stories rather than imaginations.


Color is good, but who said your comic should have color? There are so many comics that are black and white. You can use different tones and shades of grey to differentiate characters and the background.


Are backgrounds vital in your story? Yes, very crucial. One thing to remember is that your background should not take up all the attention from the actual comic you have drawn rather, it should complement the comic. The colors of the background should also feature in the character you have drawn in some way either in lighting or shading so that your character does not look odd.


You do not have to be the best artist in the universe to come up with a great comic, but if it is about something you do not have much knowledge in, it is good to look up some references that will guide you. This is not “copying”. Most professional artists use references, it’s a learning tool.
Lastly make sure that you can extend the drawing past the panel borders and still keep it making sense! Choose the right fonts especially for dialog. They should be legible and very easy to use. There you have it. Go ahead and start making your first comic.