What Is The Value Of My Comic Book? Here Are Things You Need To Know

What Is The Value Of My Comic Book? Here Are Things You Need To Know

Marvel ComicsThis is a big question among those people who are new to comic creation and would like to attach some monetary value to their works. The value of a given comic will depend on so many things. These factors are not constant and they keep changing. Here are some of the things you need to know.


The more popular a comic is the higher the number of people willing to see it. For instance, superman comics are more collectible in terms of investment collecting. People love superheroes; that is why it is such a popular comic.

A comic is worth the amount a buyer is willingly to pay for it

This is one of the most frustrating answers given that some people are so mean and would like to buy something at ridiculously low prices. But unfortunately, it is one of the best answers. Be careful though that you do no undervalue your work and sell at very low prices.


Comic books are produced with materials that easily wear out over time due to handling and exposure. A comic with a lot of defects is less desirable. Although it is almost impossible to have a perfect comic book in excellent condition, comic books that are in good condition generally fetch more in the market. Most comics are moderately worn so comics in very bad shape are actually rare to find.

Scarcity and demand

This is a common thing in all kinds of economies. When something is scarce, there are more people who are competing to have it and they would be more willing to pay much more for it. This concept is the logic behind the myth that comics that are old are much more valuable. This may hold some truth in it, because old comics were usually considered as disposable and people did not collect them so they are quite rare making them expensive.

Third party

Determining the value of your comic may be difficult. You can submit you comic to a comic book grading company. These are companies that have tasked themselves with the responsibility of valuing comic books but you have to pay them so as to have your comic book valued. Some people will do this out of curiosity while others will see it as something that is not worth their efforts. However, if you really want to sell your comic book, you can check out how other sellers are selling their comic books on eBay.
You can also take your comics to your local comic dealer to help you in valuing them. In most instances, they will grade your comics at no charges but you should take their opinions with caution. Some may suggest that your comic is in very bad shape so that they can buy it from you at very cheap prices. Not all of them will do that, but it’s wise not to make any decisions based on their opinions only to play safe.
With all the above methods, the best way to determine the value of your comic is how much you like it. Attaching monetary value to comics is not a very interesting aspect of creating comics, but it makes the whole hobby much fun. Reading, creating and talking about comics are also other rewarding aspects of being a comic.